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I am a certified PMU and SMP Artist in Houston Texas. I am passionate about helping my community exude confidence in their appearance as they take on the world and achieve their goals! 

I specialize in helping those with :

  • Male and Female Pattern Hair Loss      

  • Postpartum Hair Loss

  • Alopecia / Traction Alopecia

  • Receding Hair Line

  • Thin Brows

  • Hyperpigmentation of lips

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My Story

After years of pursuing my education and a career in the Legal Field, I decided I needed a creative outlet.  An outlet that would allow me to help my community feel and look as beautiful on the outside, as they do on the inside! 

I stumbled across a  video online and discovered the amazing world of Permanent makeup and I was hooked.


currently continue to serve my community in the legal world weekdays, and on weekends I am in my studio letting my creative juices flow!

I look forward to working with you!!

- Danielle

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